Blink Of An Eye

John Lyons

Stoned on rum and coke that night
He asked her do you have a light
She said hang on I think I might
Come walk with me
Out into the night they went
He picked on her French accent
He said my last ten dollars spent
Come talk with me
He told her stories in great detail
See her smile for a while
Then she heard the sirens wail
Time rolled by in the blink of an eye

Under The Stars

John Lyons

This is one of those nights I wish would never end
We could lay here Until our souls blend
Look up at the stars In the sky tonight

Let's take this time To enjoy each other
To kiss and caress and love one another
Your lips press to mine And our feelings show

Let me be with you Dancing again
Under the stars tonight
With you my friend
My lovely friend Dancing again

"...Lyons is an exceptional singer, songwriter and storyteller...John Lyons is the real deal!
- Bill Wilson, Reflections in Blue

Press quotes

 "...Lyons is an exceptional singer, songwriter and storyteller...John Lyons is the real deal...This piece is good on so many levels…all I can honestly say is that this is one of those discs’s you will find yourself coming back to time after time, never tiring of what Lyons and the band have to say."

- Bill Wilson, Refelctions in Blue, March 2014

"5***** Rated... An Exceptionally Good Album..."

- Blues Underground Network, The Blues Report March 14, 2014 Issue 5

"John Lyons weaves a musical tapestry of rockin' blues and sensitive ballads, all delivered with passion and honesty."
- Mark Stenzler,  Radio Blues Zeppelin, Bern, Switzerland


"John Lyons is a melting pot of style and inspiration with a collection of stories to be told. His talent is raw and his passion is like a burning fire. With a classic appeal and the obvious desire to communicate that perception, those tales, and the emotion that rules his music, John Lyons will surely be making album after album into the future."
-Jill Jacobs, November, 2013


"Soulful … Thoughtful, honest, and from the heart. He plays ‘em like I like them … love hurtin’, heart breakin’ blues. Something we all have experienced and can never escape from."
-Kim Almasie, Bluesletter Kim  - KRVM 91.9 FM


"This is another Koh-I-Noor amongst all other diamonds. Concert and festival promoters, if you want something new, fresh and awesome than the average names we always see on our concert stages and festivals, then book this band: John Lyons and band. Success guaranteed!"
-Alfons Maes,, Belgium - February, 2014